LPEseq: Local-pooled-error test for RNA Sequencing experiments with a small number of replicates

– Version: Release (0.01)
– Written in R script (R-2.15)
– No package dependencyEstimate gene-specific variance specially when no replicate RNA-Seq data is available and test for differential expression based on local pooled error.

Jungsoo Gim <jgim80@snu.ac.kr>
Sungho Won <won1@snu.ac.kr>
Taesung Park <tspark@stats.snu.ac.kr>

Maintainer: Jungsoo Gim <jgim80@snu.ac.kr>
Any comments will be welcome.

To install this package, start R and enter:

     > source(“http://bibs.snu.ac.kr/software/LPEseq/LPEseq.R”)
     > install.packages(“LPEseq_version.tar.gz”, repos=NULL, type=”source”))


LPEseq manuscript    LPEseq manuscript including detailed methods
LPEseq supplementary    LPEseq online supplementary
source manual    Description of functions included in “LPEseq” package
usage manual    Exercise with an example script


LPEseq R package-the lastest version

Jungsoo Gim, Sungho Won, Taesung Park, (2016) PLoS ONE

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