BioInformatics and BioStatistics (BIBS)

Welcome to our BIBS website. Here, we merge the power of sophisticated statistical techniques with the intricate world of biological data. Our mission is to uncover pivotal biomarkers and construct precise predictive models that can transform research. This involves embracing both traditional and contemporary methodologies, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of scientific discovery. We invite you to explore further, to gain insight into the meticulous work we’ve penned down in our publications and the digital tools we’ve crafted to address the pressing challenges in bioinformatics.

In the heart of bioinformatics and biostatistics, our lab’s publications reflect our groundbreaking research and dedication. We delve into genetic insights, introduce novel statistical methods, and contribute significantly to the wider scientific discourse. Discover the essence of our work through our published papers.

Our lab recognizes the transformative role of software in bioinformatics. We’ve pioneered tools that cater to unique biological and statistical needs, from data interpretation to predictive modeling. Explore our curated software offerings, each echoing our commitment to innovation and precision.