This fold includes R source files for implementation of the numerical study in the manuscript submitted to Bioinformatics, 2014, titled “AucPR: An AUC-based approach using penalized regression for disease prediction with high-dimensional omics data.”.


The following source codes are included:

AucPR.R —— List all functions needed.

Simu_Setting.R —— Generate setting for simulations.

Case_Study.R ——- A simulation study and a real example study are considered.

mhsauc_tgdr.f90 —– The fortran code to implement Ma & Huang’s method (MSauc), and mhsauc_tgdr.dll is its dll version. We call it from R.

For detail, please see the R codes.


You can download a zipped file contains source codes and this README from this link : Codes_Penalized_AUC

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