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IGENT is an efficient algorithm for identifying genome-wide gene-gene interactions (GGI) and gene-environment interaction (GEI). IGENT supports two types of strategies to identify gene-gene interactions related with diseases in genome-wide scale. One is an exhaustive search approach for lower-order interactions such as 2nd order interaction, and the other is a stepwise selection approach for higher-order interaction. With tens of thousands of SNPs from thousands of samples, it is difficult to calculate higher-order interaction exhaustively because the computational burden is too heavy. IGENT provides a stepwise approach for higher-order interactions.



igent --in [input file] --out [output file] --order [order]
ex) igent --in sample.txt --out result.csv --order 2

  • --in : input file path + name

  • --out : result file path + name

  • --order : combination order (1,2,3,4,.... or 1-3, 2-5) (default : 2)

  • --mode : exhaustive search or stepwise search (exhaustive, stepwise) (default : exhaustive)

  • --shuffling : shuffling (0 : not shuffling 1: shuffling) (default : 0)

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Current version

IGENT is currently at Version 1.5 (04/19/2017)


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